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I can’t believe there is a late model Cadillac on the list…  After all of the wallowing piles of mush from the 70s , the fact that this company built a car that could beat AMG Mercedes and M series BMWs around the Nurburgring is shocking.

American cars have come a long way.  I have posted a few of the later examples of American performance on the list, but this is even a step beyond.

The Nurburgring is a “track” in Germany that many companies have used as a yardstick of performance.  The track, about 13 miles in its current state, is incredibly challenging.  The CTS-V managed a lap in 7:59.32.  Coming in after that are cars like the BMW M-5, M3 and several Ferraris…  In fact, the CTS-V is the fastest production sedan on factory tires…

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