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I promise… I will write about cars again, soon…  But for now, the 94th car is a bike!


And if anyone wants to hand me a Night Rod… I’m not going to complain.  I love the flat black version of the bike… I’m not a big lover of chrome.

Sporting power from 115bhp to 125 bhp, the sport/cruiser Harley has remained controversial.  Some purists hate it because it doesn’t look like other Harleys.  Others love the design.  Personally, I love the design… AND I love the classic styling of other Harley Davidsons.

The Revolution engine was designed with Porsche, and features fuel injection, overhead cams and liquid cooling… all firsts for H-D.  Originally it was 1130cc, now at 1250cc (69 and 76 cu in.).  There is also a VRXSE 1300cc (79cu in) that puts out 165bhp.

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