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Most people have no idea what this is… they know what kind of car, but have never heard of the name associated with it. But those that do, have respect.

Most of the time when a dealer producred a special car, it consists of a few stickers and maybe a number plate. They call it a special edition, but it really isn’t that special…

Yenkos are special.

Made in the late 60s, the Yenkos were Camaros with L-72 427s. At the time, GM wouldn’t build a Camaro with an engine over 400ci. Don saw a need for a big block car and filled it. GM caught on a few years later… but those Yenko modified Camaros have some serious value. They weren’t a tape and sticker package.

BTW, I’m not really a Camaro kind of guy, but there is one I would like to own. It is related by its 427ci engine, but it is a little different. The engine is aluminum… It is called a ZL1, and two of them were built in 1969.

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