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Birdcage Maserati
Image by skagman via Flickr

Back in 1959, Maserati came out with a revolutionary concept for a racing car.  Utilizing around 200 different pieces of chro-moly tubing welded together as a space frame, it was lighter AND more rigid than other contemporary competitors.  It weighed in at only 600kg (1320lbs) and with a 2.9L 4 cylinder, was capable of a top speed of 177mph.

It wasn’t a tremendously successful racer… because it wasn’t a reliable racer, but it was fast and when it held together it was a capable machine.

In 2006, Maserati brought the name out of retirement for a new exotic concept.  The Maserati Birdcage 75th was a unique looking machine…  Unlike the original, it is a visual departure from its peers.

The Tipo 61 Birdcage looked similar to other cars of the era, but was completely different under the skin.  The Birdcage 75th looks unlike anything else made, but has fairly normal (for a super high-end exotic) underpinnings.

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