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Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series
Image by joshua_d via Flickr

Mercedes makes nice cars. And then there is AMG… their high performance division, they make serious performance versions of M-B cars. But there is a little bit more to be had…

Just like the ultimate Amex is the ultra rare Onyx card, there is an AMG Black. And it is nasty… in a good way. We like “nasty in a good way.”

Just to toss out some numbers… how about a 6.0L V-12 with two turbos… spooled up it puts out 661 hp and 738 lb/ft of torque. And the funny thing is that AMG actually is holding the power back because the transmission can’t handle the 885 lb/ft of torque the engine CAN produce. It can hit 62mph (100kph) in 3.8 seconds… and that is traction limited. Top speed is electronically limited to 199mph… otherwise it would be good for about 220mph. I guess that is worth the $300,000 AMG wants for one…


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