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Lotus Exige Series 2
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Lotus. Some companies march to a different beat, and Lotus is one of those companies.

While other supercar companies were worried about gross horsepower numbers, Lotus looked to losing weight and balancing their cars handling as ways to make them faster.

And they have been making them faster for a long time… Colin Chapman revolutionizing Indycars wasn’t the start and it wasn’t the end. In fact, that design was the Lotus 38 in 1966. The revolution was that they put the engine behind the driver. And actually, the Lotus 34 had managed to get on the poll in 1965. They ended the dominance of front engine roadsters at Indy.

The Exige is no different. The S 260 weighs in at 2020 pounds. That is about 2/3rds of the weight of a Honda Accord. Its modified Toyota 1.8 liter engine produces about 260hp. The top of the line Honda engine makes about 10 more horsepower… from a 3.5 liter V6… basically, twice the displacement.

The Honda manges 0-60 in about 6.5 second. The Lotus does it in 4 flat… The fuel mileage is around 20/24 city/highway for the Lotus and 19/29 for the Honda…

But the Lotus is WAY cooler, too. And if you want to feel green… there is the S 265.


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