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Everybody knows about ’69 Camaros.  And even their kids know about ’69 Mustangs.  Of course it takes someone that is a little into muscle to know about the nastier variants of the Dodge Dart.


English: A 1968 magazine advertisement for Cha...
English: A 1968 magazine advertisement for Champion Spark Plugs promoting the new Breedlove speed records set with the American Motors’ AMX. The ad is promoting the event, the champion vehicle, and the spark plugs. It serves as an example of the extra publicity the AMX received. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But AMC was playing the game, too.  And they played it well.  Although less than 20,000 were built over their three model year run (1968-1970), they made quite an impact.  Craig Breedlove knocked out a bunch of speed records with modified AMXs in 1968.  They were campaigned in SCCA Trans-Am competition by Roger Penske in 1970 (they had been racing since 1968).  There was even a ‘Super Stock’ version built to drag race.


I think thought that the factoid that is really different is that the Society of Automotive Engineers gave it Best Engineered awards in 1969 and 1970.

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