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Racers joke that ‘Too much power is almost enough.‘ It seems that enthusiasts can’t ever leave well enough alone, and one of the first upgrades always seems to be more power…

Some are happy with a computer chip. For others it is a throaty exhaust system. But then there are the extremists… They think about swapping engines. And for many cars, it is pretty easy to do. Many cars are in families and there are similarities among various powerplants…

And then there are others that think outside the box.

A tried and true way to make a super machine is to marry a light weight car with a big engine. The car that comes to mind is the Shelby Cobra. in the 1960s, Carroll Shelby took the AC Ace and added a nasty Ford V8 with a bunch of power. In the 1990s, Martin Wilson thought that the Miata was looking like a light weight car… and Ford still had some nasty V8s available.

So, being an unreasonable and semi-crazy kind of guy… also known as a car guy… he thought it might be fun to put Ford v8s into Miatas. And he made a kit. Thus, the Monster Miata was born.

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