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International CXT
Image by Astroroach via Flickr

If the Director of the Sierra Club’s Global Warming and Energy Program hates it, it HAS to be cool. Daniel Becker, the person in that position said, “Shame on International for making this thing…This is a monster truck that only a Hummer could love, and it shows that without government leadership, the auto industry will lead us to more irresponsible, gas-guzzling vehicles.” So, It has passed the first test. And I would welcome Mr. Becker to hook up a 40,000 pound trailer to his Prius, Smart or bicycle…

And that is what the International CXT was designed to do… tow 20 tons down the road in comfort… for racers, equestrians or RV enthusiasts… anyone that needs to tow heavy stuff without worry. The curb weight is 14,500 pounds… and that puts it around twice the weight of a Hummer H1. Heck, it’s almost 5 times the weight of a Prius.

When you bolt on the bed from a Ford F-350 and it looks small… then whatever you bolted it on must be big.  Really big.  And with a price tag north of $100k and fuel mileage that would make a Saudi King blush (don’t expect to get much more than 8 or 9 on the highway… unloaded), it isn’t exactly common or practical unless you have a specific purpose for it.

But that is what makes it cool.

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