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1942 Flatfender Jeep Rock Buggy
Image by visual28 via Flickr

I am lumping together the widely divergent here…  They might be powered by supercharged a big-block with nitrous, or they might be powered by a diesel from a Jetta…

I have skirted around rock buggies through many parts of the 101 Cars series… but this is about rock buggies…

There are three different purposes for them.  The first is competition bugggies, then rock racers and the third is trail riding…

Comp buggies tend to be light and not overly powerful.  They don’t need to be powerful if they are light enough.  The suspensions aren’t as radically different as they used to be, but they are amazingly flexible.

The next type of buggy the rock racer…  These are POWERFUL.  And fast… these aren’t creepy crawlers, but rather flexi-flyers.

Recreational rigs, or trail riders are not as powerful as the rock racers, but generally more powerful than the comp buggy.  Suspensions might even be more exotic, but the goal is comfort and ability… and weight isn’t as much of a concern for the recreational riders.

What they all have in common is amazing performance off-road.  They can run obstacles that were previously considered unpassable… and in some cases weren’t even thought of as obstacles… they seem to defy gravity itself.

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