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Lane at the races
You never know what those guys might say...

Cool Car of the Day is an anthology of cars, Jeeps, truck, tools, toys and a variety of garage candy assembled by Lane Bailey.  He is a car guy and a real estate agent that owns and specializes in finding homes with cool garages in Gwinnett County, GA, outside of Atlanta.

Lane has been involved with cars all of his life.  Growing up, his favorite toys were his Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars.  Right behind those in his list of favorites were his Tonka trucks.  Shortly before turning 16 and getting the all important driver’s license, Lane got his first car… a ’73 Mustang.  Since then he’s had 25+ cars…  Some cool.  Others… not so much.

In that time, he’s be an avid race fan, autocrosser and 4wheeling enthusiast.  He even went from building model cars to working in a restoration shop building real cars.  Working in the restoration shop was a really cool experience for Lane.  It taught him about a lot of off-beat, cool and unsung cars.  That has stuck with him and he enjoys searching out the unusual cars that stand out from the rest.

This website was the next logical progression.  Lane had been writing a real estate blog for 4 years before starting this.  It was getting too much car content…

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