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It might have been the simplest car ever built, and certainly one of the most complicated… and it changed the world in ways that nobody could have thought of in 1908 when it was introduced.

Mechanically, it was as simple as a car could be… in fact, doors weren’t available on the open bodied cars until 1911… Most of them were black… because the builder wanted them that way and the first cars had headlamps that had to be lit with a match…

1908 Ford Model T ad from Oct. 1, 1908 Life ma...
1908 Ford Model T ad from Oct. 1, 1908 Life magazine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course that would be the Model T.

For modern drivers, the Model T driving experience would be alien. Pedals and shifters had completely different functions than later cars.  Frankly, I just want to drive one.

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