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Plymouth had a long history before ceasing to exist in 2001.  The company was founded in 1928 as Chrysler’s lower cost division.  And through the 1940s and 50s, Plymouth was able to do solid duty against the Fords and Chevys of the day.  In the 1960s Muscle Car heyday, Plymouth made some of the coolest machines on the road.  GTXs, Road Runners and ‘Cudas were the envy of the stoplights and the Drag Strips.

Plymouth Prowler in Florida - black
Plymouth Prowler in Florida – black (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oddly, the last of the unique Plymouth cars was one of the most unique cars on the road in the last 50 years… whether you loved it or hated it, the Plymouth Prowler was courageous.  Its styling harkened back to street rods built from some of the earliest Plymouths (not to mention Fords and Chevys…).

While cruising eBay this week, I ran across a 1934 Plymouth Coupe Street Rod.  And while we haven’t focused too much on heavily modified cars during the 76 Cool Cars series, it isn’t because we don’t think they are cool.

We might prefer if this car was Chrysler powered (the list is long… Max Wedge, 440-6 Pack or Hemi), it has a pretty cool small block Chevy.  It has nice paint, an attractive interior and solid details.

One of the greatest thing about Street Rods is what happens with them after they have been built.  They hit the road.  We’ve seen a lot of Rods, but they always seem to be on the road, not sitting in a trailer.  And since cars were made to be driven, it only makes sense that the coolest cars see real road time.

Go check this one out



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