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Almost 30 years ago, a racer by the name of Steve Saleen decided to offer his own version of the Ford Mustang.  He took a GT and slapped on a suspension kit, a body kit and special interior.  He also affixed a number plate to each car, and a decal with the number up by the headlight.

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Some derided the cars as just a “tarted up Mustang”, but they were quite popular and had some of the performance that even the GT Mustang seemed to be missing.  I can still remember the display of the cars at the Coliseum Mall in Hampton, VA when I was in High School (Go Phoebus Phantoms).  At the time, they were able to almost keep up with the contemporary Corvettes… and they were more exclusive.

One thing to note… it seems like most of the “Tuner” versions of the Mustang have sold very well.  Shelby, Saleen, Roush… all of these cars are in demand, not only in the new market, but as used cars.  Limited numbers and high performance are always a good mix.  And it is a win/win/win.  The manufacturer gets a limited production run of exclusive cars from a popular platform without a real increase in costs.  The limited edition manufacturer gets a dealer network and base car with a tremendous amount of research into the platform (crash testing, emissions, etc.).  Enthusiasts get a cool ride that is unlikely to have a twin pull up next to it at a traffic light.

From my perspective, the manufacturers should foster these relationships…

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