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Usually during a feature, we talk about the specs of the vehicle being featured.  This time will be a little different.  We are going to talk about the driver…

Jay is known as “The Ice Cream Man”.  And his yellow Land Rover Defender 90 is all but famous.  In fact, coming across another yellow D90… and offering ice cream… the driver looked at Jay and said, “So, it’s YOU…”  The poor guy had been asked for ice cream dozens of times on the trail and couldn’t understand why people just walked up to him and asked if he had ice cream.

Land Rover Defender 90 softtop
Land Rover Defender 90 softtop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few years ago, while in Moab, UT with Jay, we were able to witness first hand how much of an Ambassador for 4Wheeling Jay is.  While running a fairly easy trail that was shared with mountain bikers, we came upon a group of bikers.  At this particular point, we were almost ready to break for lunch… and they had likely been on the trail, in 100° heat for 4 hours or so.  As we passed, Jay told them that we would be stopping soon and that they should stop when they caught up with us.

A few minutes later, we stopped and while enjoying our lunch, the bikers rolled up.  After making sure they had the opportunity to refill their water bladders and bottles, Jay popped open his ARB Freezer in the back of the D90 and offered up popsicles and ice cream sandwiches.  They were floored.

There are few things that are as enjoyable as an unexpected frozen treat when you are burning up biking on a trail in the high desert.  Little things like that make Jay an Ambassador… and a welcome sight on the trail.

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