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Let me level with you… I’ve never been a big “Chevy Guy”.  My very first car was a Mustang, and I have owned a lot of different cars, but I’ve never actually bought a GM car… much less a Chevy. And, since I had started a “Mustang Guy”, Camaros weren’t high on my “Must Own List”… except for the (IROC) Z28 1LE.

A third-generation Camaro
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But, as I was looking for a new project after the demise of my Jeepster-Commando, for some reason, 3rd Gen Camaros and Firebirds kept creeping onto the computer screen when I wasn’t looking.  I patiently watched the market for them for a couple of months to see what was available… and finally found a car that was optioned close to the way I wanted, and priced where I could drag it home.

So, what I picked up, you can see below.  It’s pretty ugly.  However, it is also pretty solid.  Here are the basic specs:

  • LB9 305ci, 215hp Tuned Port Injection V8
  • THM 700 R4 4 speed Automatic Overdrive transmission
  • T-Tops
  • Z-28
  • Lots of options… A/C, power windows and doors and a deluxe interior.
Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z
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There are a few plans for the car… largely because it has a lot of needs.

  • It needs a complete interior… seats, carpet, headliner, stereo and lots of little odds and ends.
  • The paint is pretty bad… so it needs paint.
  • Before getting paint, there are a few dings that need to be worked out, the nose needs a little work, the surface rust needs to be dealt with and a couple of dents need to be pounded out.
  • The door gaskets and window wipers on the doors need to be replaced.
  • The exhaust system leaves a lot to be desired…

There are a lot of details that haven’t been decided, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to try to make it into a IROC Z28 1LE clone (and yes, it will be absolutely disclosed that it’s a clone… besides, the car is a 1985 model and the 1LE was not available for a couple of years after that… and ALL of the 1LE cars were regular hardtops, none were T-Top or convertible cars).  But, it will retain the A/C, and may retain the automatic transmission.

Be sure to follow along here, CCotD on FaceBook, CCotD on YouTube and  There will be product reviews, tech articles and updates relating to this car.  If any vendors send free or discounted products for the car, or for other review, that fact will be fully disclosed.

If you are a vendor, there is a pretty good chance that the car needs something that you have…  ;^ )  We would love to review your product or service on the CCotD network.  Feelfree to email us at CoolCaroftheDay at gmail for more information.

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