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Perhaps you might remember a few weeks ago we featured a Pro-Street Vega.  Bradley had a little more depth in his garage… he was also hiding this really cool 72 Plymouth Scamp 340.

The Scamp was the sporty version of the Plymouth Valiant and related to the Dodge Dart.  The 340 was the top engine available in 1972 and put out around 240hp.  A stock Scamp could drop a 0-60 time around 6.2 seconds.  They were both sporty and economical.

Be sure to check out the gallery below the quick video with Bradley.  And don’t forget to check out his Vega, too… linked above.

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  1. Bradley Holbrook

    Lane: Hi it’s Bradley H. with a new ride(.Vega and Scamp before). How about a 37 Wild Rod Ford. It’s loaded with 383 Stroker motor(460 HP with 452 lbs./ft. torque and weighs about
    2200 lbs. Let me know were we can meet up and you can take some pictures.
    Zoom Zoom

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