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Few cars are as iconic as the Cadillacs of the late 1950s.  They created the signature looks of American cars for more than a decade… fins and acres of chrome.  But the really were much more than that.  And walking around Jeff and Debra’s pristine Caddy makes that really clear.

The car is loaded with interesting and cool details.  From the little air intakes above the rear wheels to the chrome “bullets” on the front bumpers… from the chrome grills at the base of the windshield to the hidden fuel fill… and from the chrome eyebrow surrounds around the headlights to the fake air intakes in front of the rear wheels… the car exudes personality.  Like many cars of the era, the Cadillac took many of those detail style cues from fighter jets like the F-86 Sabre and space ship concepts.  That is where the little air intakes, grills and chrome rocket noses came from.

Enjoy the pics and the video of this really Cool Car.  And it did take home a trophy…

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