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Take a look at Mike’s cool ’56 Porsche 356 Speedster. He fell in love with the design of the 356 when he was just a youngster, and decided that he would have one… and now he does.

Porsche 356 speedster
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Porsche started offering the 356 in 1948… it ran until 1965.  There were several variations on the theme, starting with the 356A, introduced in 1955.  Soon after, the speedster was born for the American market.  It had a shorter windshield, which could be removed for racing on weekends, as well as a simpler, lighter top. And they do have a pretty cool stance…

There is something else about Mike, too…  He is one of the guys behind Southeast Wheels Events.  They maintain the Cool Car of the Day event calendar, tracking the vast majority of the car shows and other events in the region.  He knows a LOT of local car people.  Mike also hosts a local event each month at the Shorty Howell Park on Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth.  (3rd Sunday from 7am to 11am).

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