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Last week I had the chance to spend a little time with the Rugged Ridge rolling JK catalog/test bed.  While I was at the shop, I took the opportunity to shoot a few pics of the rig…

It is a pretty cool ride.  The new style (JK) Wrangler has really grown on me.  I love the option of having 4 doors, with the style of a Wrangler.  It would be a touch cooler if Jeep had let a Hemi find its way under the hood, but the 3.8L engine isn’t as bad as some make it out to be.  The biggest reason it isn”t quite as peppy as the older style Wrangler (TJ) likely has more to do with the additional weight rather than lack of power or torque.

Back to the Rugged Ridge JK.  My buddy Pat drove it to Pennsylvania and Ohio a few weeks ago.  It is a little louder than stock, but a bit quieter than his CJ.  It also handles highway duty pretty well, despite also being ready to handle the tough trails.  And it is built for the trails, in addition to its duties as a rolling showcase of Rugged Ridge’s JK line of accessories and parts.

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